Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is the inspection going to cost me?

A: The price of the inspection varies depending on the age of the property, size, and location, also if additional services are required, such as sewer line scoping (always recommended). We have a basic price structure we follow based upon those three main items. We will also research the property through MLS (Multiple Listing Service), ComFree, Google Earth, as well as other related websites to get a better understanding of the property. You do get what you pay for in this industry. PSI customers have saved thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. Again, now is not the time to be searching for a bargain, you are about to make the most expensive purchase in your life, you want an inspector who has experience, who is educated, and who is looking out for your best interest. 

Q: What services can I expect for the price of the inspection?

A: This is a question that all consumers should be asking when shopping for an inspector. Here is what to expect:

· Certified Master Inspector - 25 years of building construction knowledge

· Unlimited inspection time - the process is not rushed; we take as long as we need to thoroughly inspect the property you are looking at purchasing

· Sewer Line Scope - this is a highly recommended service that we offer to all our clients

· Report writing and investigations - our clients love our reports; we believe our reports are what knock us out of the park over other inspection companies

PSI provides you with a detailed report with description, recommendations, and time importance as well as loads of photos. We don’t just mention a deficiency – we go into detail so you actually understand the consequences associated with a deficiency. We give you a wealth of educated information so that you can make informed decisions.

Once a PSI client always a PSI client – we are available for you, we don’t ignore you once you have paid us. You need advice? Have any problem? We care about our clients, and we want them to know that we are here for you. Chances are if you have a good experience with us, you will mention that to your friends and family, and we thank you.

Q: How much notice do I need to book an inspection?

A: Two to three business days is normally required, depending on the season and the overall activity in real estate.

Q: Are kids allowed at the inspection?

A: We recommend you hire a babysitter. We find that when kids are present it can present a big distraction, as well as a hazard. Having an inspection is not a ticket to an amusement park; we take our job seriously, the process requires focus and attention from you as well.

Q: Why don’t you offer on-site reports?

A: We don’t believe in taking your hard earned money and not providing you for what you truly deserve. Properly executed building inspections take time. Homes and buildings aren’t built in days, they are built in months and years, a lot of time and work goes into a building construction. It’s impossible to think that you can do a thorough inspection in a few hours. We are not inspecting play houses, we are inspecting homes that people live and raise families in, buildings that people work in. If you are looking to save money by hiring a cheap building inspector, we aren’t the right choice for you.

Q: We are selling our house. Should we have an inspection before someone makes an offer?

A: Yes, you should. Having a home inspection for a property you are selling gives you, the seller, a sense of security. Having the home inspected prior to sale gives the seller the advantage of knowing the condition of the home and what, if anything, major things need to be addressed. There are no surprises when the buyer has their inspection. This will help you price the property accordingly and potentially sell your home faster. Without a doubt having an inspection on a home before it sells does speed up the transaction.

Q: How long will this inspection take?

A: There are a number of factors that influence how long an inspection will take. Size of the property, square footage, age, client participation, and overall condition of the home will all influence how long we will spend on-site. On average, residential inspections take 4 to 6 hours on-site and an additional 3 to 5 hours for the report writing and investigations. We take as long as we need to take to thoroughly inspect the property. No one should ever interfere with your right to have a thorough inspection. It’s similar to if you were to have surgery—the surgeon takes as long as needed to complete the surgery. It’s what you expect, and it’s what you deserve. If you have time restrictions, we are not the right company for you.

Q: Will I get my report the same day?

A: Normally, yes. We normally try to schedule the inspection to start in the morning. After we have completed the on-site portion of the inspection, we will go back to our office to complete the necessary research and the report. Normally, the report is sent in the evening between 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Q: Do we have to be there for the inspection?

A: We highly recommend that you are on-site for the entire inspection. You should be willing to follow our inspector around the entire process. If you are not with our inspector then you might not understand the importance of the deficiency. Not only that, a building inspection provides excellent education regarding the property you are looking at purchasing. Our inspector will explain how to maintain components, where shut off valves are, etc. The information you will receive is extremely beneficial to you. We do understand that sometimes it’s not an option to attend, and, in such a case, we would recommend that a trusted third party be there to make you aware of the major issues and look after your best interests. Educating yourself and knowing what you are buying should be a top priority to you.